Kelland Homes

Season Park

Dwyer Nolan Developments Ltd intends to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development on a site located on lands at Season Park, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow. The site is bounded by Season Park Road (L1037) to the north, by agricultural lands to the west and south, although the latter has permission for development under Ref. No.’s 06/6101, PL27.227704 & 18/381.

The development will consist of 179 no. dwellings, comprised of 121 no. houses, 6 no. duplex units & 52 no. apartments. The houses are comprised of 2 storey detached, semi-detached & terraced houses with 4 no. 2 beds, 86 no. 3 beds and 31 no. 4 beds. The duplex units are accommodated in 3 storey buildings (i.e. Type H) and are comprised of 6 no. 3 bed units at first & second floor. There are 6 no. 1 bed apartments and 46 no. 2 bed apartments (i.e. Types G, H, J & J1), accommodated in 20 no. 3 storey buildings. The proposed development also provides for a crèche (189.9m²), with community use facility overhead (99.45m²) in a 3 storey building.

Access to the development will by via (i) a new vehicular entrance point off Season Park Road to the north, and (ii) via a proposed road extending south and east of the proposed housing, connecting into Main Street, Newtownmountkennedy at Fisher’s Corner (as previously permitted under Ref.s 06/6101 & PL27.227704).

The proposed development provides for (i) all associated site development works above and below ground, (ii) public open spaces (9,819m²) and communal open spaces (886m²), (iii) hard & soft landscaping and boundary treatments, (iv) surface car parking (Total: 339 no. spaces, (v) bicycle parking (Total: 158 no. spaces), (vi) bin storage, (vii) public lighting (viii) substation (24m²) all on an overall application site area of 8.5Ha.